About Me

Christian farm wife, boy mom, and mompreneur.

During my early years, I spent seven rewarding years as a sales associate for a local family-owned teacher & school supply store, where I discovered the true essence of a supportive work family. This experience ignited my passion for aiding small business owners, and it's a love that only grew stronger.

My passion for helping others led me to radiology school, where I honed my skills as a radiologic technologist in various healthcare settings for a decade. Alongside my healthcare career, I delved into my creative side, running a successful fashion jewelry business and serving as a fashion stylist. This business built my own self-confidence and really pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which accelerated my business growth. I had opportunities to work with amazing women, including the renowned travel photographer, Ines Schaefer, which fueled my desire to empower other women to shine and love themselves.

Transitioning into the corporate world as a business consultant and sales executive, I found joy in helping clients create growth strategies, set the right goals, and turn them into actionable roadmaps.

In March 2021, my life took a magical turn with the arrival of our miracle baby boy. This pivotal moment led me to re-evaluate my life's goals and find a business that would allow me to cherish every precious moment with him.

Starting from scratch with just two clients and a wealth of marketing and sales experience, I grew my business into a thriving venture that supported my beautiful family. Yet, amidst my success, I faced challenges, struggling with distractions from social media and overwhelming feelings of mom guilt. These obstacles inspired me to explore the vast opportunities in the online space and develop a clear sense of purpose.

Now, I love helping other moms create a business roadmap and a solid strategy that helps them manage their time and grow their business with more time freedom.

My mission is to show you that you can achieve

your business dreams while also being a present mom.

When the sun shines, you'll find me savoring the beauty of the outdoors.

With an unwavering "cup is half-full" attitude, I strive to make people smile and spread kindness wherever I go.

Embracing my belief in supporting my community, a portion of the proceeds from my services

is dedicated to supporting charities and nonprofits that help women and children.

My story is one of transformation, self-discovery, and a relentless pursuit of balance and fulfillment. I'm here to guide you on your journey, offering the support, strategy, and inspiration needed to build a thriving business while cherishing the moments that truly matter.

I'm a sucker for love stories. I'll be the one boohooing during A Walk to Remember.

I am scared of spiders. A giant wolf spider once jumped out at me when I reached in a cabinet for cereal. I swear it came out of that Arachnophobia movie - you know, the one with Jeff Daniels.

I run away from anything that happens to both fly and sting. I once got stung in the mouth by a bee.

That was fun. I guess he thought I was talking too much.

I like coffee with my creamer.

My favorite hot drink is a London Fog and my favorite cold drink is a Caramel Frappuccino.

I once got bit by a lemur while on the island of Isla Mujeres.

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